Join the initiative to provide Information Technology (IT) in healthcare for a balanced healthcare system between economicy, effectiveness and quality of life

Welcome to the Institute for Economics&Telematics in Healthcare (IFETH). 

The IFETH is an informal grouping of interests in the field of integrated/managed care using information technology (IT) to perfom the economical outcome in healthcare by saving and improving the quality of care. Within all countries economic factors affecting health care are playing a key role regarding any decision of care.

Total Quality Management (TQM) and Business Process Reengineering encouraged businesses look at their processes holistically. Now that TQM and disease management programs are used by politicians and economists to solve financal problems in health care by trying to keep the quality untouched, it has become necessary to look at new ways of managing processes in healthcare.

A typical process of treatment and care is complex and multicentric. There are a lot of medical and social resources involved with many different roles. For example chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus do require a lot of permanent processes of diagnostic, treatment and other procedures of care and monitoring while maintaining but also improving the standards, procedures and techniques embodied in it. Crucially, any improvements identified while performing today's standards should be incorporated in the ongoing process of years the patients are treated to let participate them.

To keep the information and the processes of shared patients on flow in a resource spending and cost effective way the IFETH is not focussing on global, political or normative changes but is working on concepts and solutions for  regional communities of professionals sharing patients.

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