Join the initiative to provide Information Technology (IT) in healthcare for a balanced healthcare system between economicy, effectiveness and quality of life

The Institute for Economics&Telematics in Healthcare (IFETH) is promoting and enhancing projects in the field of applied IT (information technologies) in healthcare to perform managed and shared care based on process management using structured electronic health records by using e-health and mobile health related systems. The IFETH was founded by Hans J Haase to design and evaluate concepts, analyze requirements of sharing informations for managing patients in a cost effective way by integrated, interdisciplinary and process orientated pathways using IT in healthcare. Beside this research&development the IFETH is offering commercial services.

The consultancy services of IFETH are based on a network of competence composed of numerous specialist experts e.g. administrative clinical officers, executive boards, specialists of insurance services in health care, health professionals. But also specialised advisors for areas such as infomation technology, medical informatics, human resource development and quality management in healthcare.

History of mile stones in brief:
7/2004 - IFETH was founded.
8/2004 - IFETH covered the SEHR project [»projects]
11/2005 - Performing chemotherapy order management using SEHR componets
3/2006 - Lunching E-HN, a network to share medical data
3/2007 - Mobile phone solution to increase the patient compliance on oral chemotherapy
4/2011 - Enhencing chemotherapy order management using new SEHR components
since 2012 - Rewriting SEHR components from JEE 1.4 to JEE 6/7

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