Join the initiative to provide Information Technology (IT) in healthcare for a balanced healthcare system between economicy, effectiveness and quality of life

Projects - Purposes and Objectives

Basic objectives IFETH is covering:
determining the processes of interdisciplinary care and its information pathways
develop IT models to handle the informations between health care partners
evaluate cost and quality improvement by process oriented care provided by IT
testing the assessment of models and prototype(s)
consultancy services for healthcare professionals to set up and perform shared care communities

The Institute acquired the Open Source[?] project SEHR [»Homepage] to promote the development of an independent (non proprietary), interdisciplinary framework of an IT based documentation and process managment tool for integrated care in healthcare. The SEHR project is supported financially by companies that use some functions of SEHR in production systems. There is also a fundraising [»Donate for SEHR] to promote the students with material, funding the partizipation at conferences and organize workshops for experts and developers.

Main projects the teams are working on:

SEHR - A client/server workgroup solution implementing the EHR based on EN 13606 [»SEHR Project Site]
European Healthnet Project (EHN) - An evaluation and field trial how to implement EHR transfers EU wide building a closed (VPN) network of SEHR hosts [»EHN Site]
Mobile monitoring for patients during oral chemotherapy  - An evaluation and field trial how to monitor patients by a mobile phone.

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